среда, 16. новембар 2011.

Криза средњих година

Након 25 година брака погледао сам једног дана своју жену и рекао: 

"Драга, пре 25 година имали смо јефтин стан, јефтин ауто, спавали смо на каучу и гледали мали црно-бели ТВ, али ишао сам у кревет са згодном двадесетпетогодишњом плавушом. Сада имамо лепу кућу, велики ауто, велики кревет и плазма ТВ, а спавам са педесетогодишњакињом. Чини ми се да ту нешто није у реду..."

Моја супруга је разумна жена. Рекла ми је да лепо себи нађем двадесетпетогодишњу плавушу, а она ће се побринути за то да поново живим у јефтином стану, возим јефтин ауто и спавам на каучу.

Зар старије жене нису супер? Оне заиста знају како да се реши криза средњих година!

среда, 02. новембар 2011.

Definition of Globalization

Finally, a definition of globalization that one can understand and to which we now can relate: 

What is the truest definition of Globalization?

Tragically, Princess Diana’s death.


An English princess with an Egyptian boyfriend crashes in a French tunnel, driving a German car with a Dutch engine, driven by a Belgian who was drunk on Scottish whiskey, followed closely by Italian paparazzi on Japanese motorcycles; treated by an American doctor, using Brazilian medicines.

This is sent to you by an American, using Bill Gate’s technology and you are probably reading this on your computer, that uses Taiwanese chips and a Korean monitor, assembled by Bangladeshi workers in a Singapore plant; transported by Indian lorry-drivers, hijacked by Indonesians, unloaded by Sicilian longshoremen and trucked to you by illegal Mexican workers…

And that is what Globalization is. 

Reklama veka

Зашто нас "запад" не воли????

Из обавештајних извора сазнали су да просечан Србин: 
1. Пије жестоко пиће
2. и то на послу!
3. Једе право, масно месо
4. и још умаче хлеб у "мочу"!
5. Пије кафу са кофеином,
6. евентуално заслађену правим шећером!
7. Цереалијама храни стоку!
8. У пријатним тренуцима користи непријатне речи!
9. У кафани плаћа другоме пиће, 
10. и то готовином! 
11. Одржава редовне сексуалне односе 
12. и то са особама супротног пола!

уторак, 01. новембар 2011.

True Facts

One out of ten children in Europe are conceived on an IKEA bed. 

Antarctica is the only continent without reptiles or snakes. 

An eagle can kill a young deer and fly away with it. 

In the Caribbean there are oysters that can climb trees. 

Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. 

The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China in 1910. 

When George Lucas was mixing the American Graffiti soundtrack, he numbered the reels of film starting with an R and numbered the dialog starting with a D. Sound designer Walter Murch asked George for Reel 2, Dialog 2 by saying "R2D2". George liked the way that sounded so much he integrated that into another project he was working on. 

The youngest pope was 11 years old. 

Mark Twain didn't graduate from elementary school. 

Proportional to their weight, men are stronger than horses. 

Pilgrims ate popcorn at the first Thanksgiving dinner. 

They have square watermelons in Japan - they stack better. 

Iceland consumes more Coca-Cola per capita than any other nation. 

Heinz Catsup leaving the bottle travels at 25 miles per year. 

It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs. 

Armadillos can be housebroken. 

The first Fords had engines made by Dodge. 

A mole can dig a tunnel 300 feet long in just one night. 

Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite. 

Ancient Egyptians slept on pillows made of stone. 

A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside. 

A quarter has 119 grooves on its edge, a dime has one less groove. 

A hummingbird weighs less than a penny. 

Until 1796, there was a state in the United States called Franklin. Today it is known as Tennessee. 

The flashing warning light on the cylindrical Capitol Records tower spells out HOLLYWOOD in Morse code. 

Every time you lick a stamp, you're consuming 1/10 of a calorie. 

The average person has over 1,460 dreams a year. 

One in every 4 Americans has appeared on television. 

The average American will eat about 11.9 pounds of cereal per year. 

Over 1,000 birds a year die from smashing into windows. 

The State of Florida is bigger than England. 

Ants stretch when they wake up in the morning. 

Thomas Edison, light bulb inventor, was afraid of the dark. 

During your lifetime, you'll eat about 60,000 pounds of food. That's the weight of about 6 elephants. 

Some ribbon worms will eat themselves if they can't find any food. 

The world's oldest piece of chewing gum is 9000 years old. 

In space, astronauts cannot cry, because there is no gravity, so the tears can't flow. 

About 3000 years ago, most Egyptians died by the time they were 30. 

More people use blue toothbrushes than red ones. 

Your ribs move about 5 million times a year, every time you breathe. 

In the White House, there are 13,092 knives, forks and spoons. 

Slugs have 4 noses. 

Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to watch TV for 3 hours. 

Lightning strikes about 6,000 times per minute on this planet. 

Owls are the only birds who can see the color blue.